Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Apartment Woes

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I feel I must apologize for not doing any Fall or Halloween crafts this season... it's just that with this move coming on, I don't have the time or money to rationalize spending on something seasonal that I don't really need right now. Believe me, it's killed me to not buy a pumpkin this year. I get so excited every Fall when I see the stores start to roll out the pumpkins and it's been so hard to resist buying one. I almost, ALMOST cracked and bought a craft pumpkin, rationalizing that I could use it next year because it's not going to rot... But alas, I couldn't pull the trigger. 

And I'll also apologize in advance that the posts in November and December are going to be cah-razy sporadic. I'm going to try and schedule them to go up ahead of time so we'll see how it goes. I count on at least maintaining three posts a week if I can schedule them. 

I feel extra-anxious because yesterday we told the rental office that we'd be out in 30 days or so. They didn't like the "or so" but they wanted it set in stone that we'd be out the 30th... (as if there are millions of people clamoring to move into this hole). I was feeling defiant at the office lady's insistence and said coldly, "Fine, we'll be out the 30th." Probably just shot myself in the foot because Russ' last day of school IS the 30th. So... yikes. The 30th is when we'll have our move out inspection at noon and then Russ will have to leave the cats and me at a hotel and rush over for his graduation ceremony (or maybe I'll be able to come?).

But yeah... freaking out.

And you know what's weird? On Friday of this week we have a "Pre-Move Out Inspection." Uh, what? Our last place, which was infinitely nicer than this one didn't make us do that so I don't even know why it's required. It kind of makes me annoyed. It feels like we haven't even packed a box yet and the next renter is elbowing her way in to measure for curtains. Or... we're still eating at a restaurant and the server comes over and says we need to scoot over for the next customers. 

We also received this paper for "Resident Move Out Instructions." The joke is that when we moved in, the place was filthy.

The stove was dirty and also didn't work.
The lint trap in the washer was dirty and filled with foul-smelling lavender lint. Awful.
The a/c was busted on our first day of living here.
There have been a consistent amount of nails that we find hidden in the carpet (yet they were supposedly "professionally cleaned" before we moved in.
The outlet in the living room was missing a cover, exposing wires. 
The tub was dirty. 
The blinds were dirty. 
The butcher block counter would have been cleaner had I used to surface to prepare mud pies. 

I'm sure there's other things I'm forgetting as well. 

One thing on the instruction sheet that makes me want to giggle is, "Please do not attempt to patch the nail holes unless you are a professional plasterer. A poor patch will result in a higher charge than a normal hole repair."

Strange, considering these "professional plasterers" they employ leave their patch jobs worse than they stumbled upon. And since our rental agreement states that over three nail holes in the wall is considered excessive, I'm totally going to patch those beasts. 

That being said. I can't wait to be out of Virginia and out of these apartments. 

No more bad parking jobs by neighbors. 
No more overhearing arguments outside my window. 
No more creepy homeless men hanging out behind the church near our windows. 
No more dumpster fires.
No more door dings.
No more balloons hung by the office to advertise the apartments getting caught on the car as we leave...

It'll be nice. 

Sorry if I sound all complain-y but I guess I'm just anxious and I need to vent. 

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