Saturday, October 6, 2012

Apartment To Apartment Turns 1!

Wow, I've been writing this blog for a whole year now! I do believe that's probably the longest I've ever stuck to something and I'm proud of myself! In honor of my blog's birthday, I thought I'd go through some of my old birthday cake and baked good projects and share. 

This was the first birthday cake I made Russ (I believe it was his 21st birthday?). I decided to go big or go home and fashioned my first multi-layer cake (it's probably hard to tell). I then got some pre-dyed fondant and cut out pieces to make it look like a Mario game level complete with chocolate coins!

For Valentine's Day I made and decorated the best sugar cookies ever! I got the recipe from a teen magazine (weird, right?) and it was the tastiest sugar cookies I've made. 

For my brother's birthday, I aspired to make a Hollywood themed cake (because he loves movies). The inside is a tasty red velvet, which is his favorite, and the stars are white fondant with edible glitter to make it glitzy.

This Halloween cake was tons of fun to make! I brought it in for my co-workers and they thought it was adorable. I originally wanted to go all-out with Oreo "dirt" graves and make it look like a spooky graveyard but I think due to school and work I didn't have the time. I still love how it came out. 

Russ loves monkeys so I made him a monkey birthday cake out of fondant (which was really too dry to work with but I think it looked cute anyway). I piped the bananas, leaves, and flowers and it looks so sweet. 

It was rather amusing that after we sang 'happy birthday' and took off part of the monkey, that the bottom leg part that was left made it appear as if the monkey had dived head-first into the cake!

And finally, my mummy cupcakes! I got this idea from Martha Stewart's website (which has awesome Halloween treat ideas, by the way) and everyone got a kick out of them! All I used was white icing to pipe on the bandages, Reese's pieces for the eyes, and a small piece of licorice for the mouth. 

Woo Hoo! Happy Blogiversary! :D

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