Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stockley Gardens Fall Art Festival

Today we tackled two things off of our Virginia Bucket List: the Stockley Garden Art Festival and to eat at Dog-n-Burger in Norfolk. I'm feeling accomplished!

It was a beautiful afternoon and the perfect temperature! There were lots and lots of... dogs. And... what they leave behind, which was pleasant to almost step in... 

There were a ton of tents set up that weaved around the garden and the scent of delicious food filled the air. Though... I didn't buy any food (actually, I don't think I've ever eaten anything from a booth at a fair or festival...?). 

Though a lot of the artist's booths said "no photos," I had to sneak a picture of a couple that I thought were really beautiful. I hate that I can't afford original art. I mean, I'd love to and I totally understand why it is so expensive, but... because I can't afford it, I can only enjoy prints. 

I searched SO HARD for an 8 X 10 print of the cat watercolor because I thought it was so adorable and reminded me of Ian. I even tried to find one of her cat portraits that reminded me of Zelda. Unfortunately there were none but I would have loved to have snagged this picture.

The rest of her watercolors were stunningly beautiful as well. She had florals, seascapes and other animals and all of her work was gorgeous. 

And one booth was selling jars of honey and had some real bees on display!

Because I dragged Russ to an art festival, I decided we should knock another spot off our Virginia Bucket List and go to Dog-n-Burger.

I wish I would have taken my own photo of the place but I'm always afraid of looking 'touristy' or like a weirdo. I need to work on not caring. Oh well.

Image via here
It was a great choice! It was also fun to eat outside in the cool, sunny weather! Oh, and look at the chili cheese fries! You know you want some...

So after the tasty, delicious cheeseburger (whose onions are still on my breath... very strong...) I think Russ forgave me for taking him to an art festival. 

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