Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Are you a nosy person? I will openly behind the safety of my computer screen admit that I absolutely am. I glance into people's houses at night so I can see in as we're driving past (I'm not going up to their window or anything!), stay "friends" with Facebook friends that annoy me, and would probably read someone's journal if it was left out for too long. 

I know... it's not so nice but I guess it's the Psycho-analyst in me that can't help it! The best part of taking a trip somewhere is that I'll come into contact with an airport and be able to sit for hours and watch the insanely weird, normal, and stupid things people do. I like to observe things (I even stare intently at my food before I take each bite...).

So, being that I am so nosy, I actually have been enjoying the barrage of posts by some of the bloggers I read that involve what a person carries in their purse. It usually involves showing someone's meticulous bag which contains the very best beauty products and things they absolutely love.

My bag is... not like that. 

Today, we're going to take a real peek into what I haul around on a daily basis which gives me a shoulder cramp and none of which I couldn't do without (well, except my license and debit card but that goes without saying). 

Here's what my beautiful purple, suede Lucky Brand bag looks like when I plop it down. 

Here's a more accurate picture of the bag... so lovely. 

And then I emptied it. My lovely purse was hiding a huge mess. I love my purse organizer but unfortunately it doesn't keep me from accumulating garbage. It organizes my garbage then?

1.) Coach Wallet
2.) Coupon Accordion Folder
3.) Awesome Tunes for Travel

1.) Mints I Eat Consecutively If I Remember I Have Them
2.) Ibuprofen 
3.) L'occitane Lotion
4.) Sunscreen
5.) Pens I Can Never Find
6.) Superfluous Amount of Hair Ties
7.) Lip Balm I Never Use But Rarely
8.) Mirror
9.) Floss Picks For Russ
10.) Folding Hairbrush With Mirror That Renders Previous Mirror Useless

1.) Chick-fil-a Sauces That We Didn't Use... (or... took)
2.) Glasses Cleaning Wipes Sometimes Mistaken For Other Items
3.) Trash
4.) Receipts and Surveys I Haven't Taken Yet
5.) Old Grocery Lists
6.) Coupons I Get Too Lazy To Put In The Accordion Folder

What can you guys gather about my life from my purse contents? 

That I apparently love Chick-fil-a? (Which I totally, completely, whole-heartedly, passionately do and will cry when we get to Washington because of Chick-fil-a being absent from my life.) 

That I have a put together exterior but am messy and crazy on the inside? (Do. Not. Look. In my front closet...)

That I have incredible taste in music?

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

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