Friday, October 26, 2012

Muggy Thoughts

I'm usually against collections. I guess it's the clutter that freaks me out or perhaps "Hoarders" has done me in against collections ever since their many featured hoarding cases call their messes "collections." 

But, before I really noticed it I acquired a collection of coffee mugs. I love coffee and I guess that's why I think it's really fun to pick up a mug every once and a while... but I've got to stop before it gets out of control!

Anyways, today I'm going to share my little mug collection!

Now the first set is really "Russ' mugs." The Doctor Who Van Gogh one is mine, however, and I love it! When Russ drinks creamer with a spot of coffee coffee, he sports one of these comic book/video game mugs.

Now I've got the Merlotte's mug (from True Blood), a Jane Austen mug, a red and purple Target mug (because I thought the shape of them was cute), and my little 'LOVE' mug. 

I got this mug while I was on my High School Senior trip to Disneyland. It was a great trip! We got to leave school at lunchtime, sit with our friends on the bus ride up there, share snacks and laughs, and from 6pm-6am, we, along with Seniors from other schools, had the run of the park. It was amazing! I don't remember the trip home, however, because everyone passed out. It was a super fun trip and I bought this $12 mug to remember it. I thought it would be something I used more than like a keychain or a shirt. I thought the illustration on it was interesting.

It's actually too big to be used as a coffee mug but it works great as an ice cream bowl!

I got the spotted Navy mug in Waukegan, Illinois on the Great Lakes Naval Base when I went up there in December 2009 for Russ' boot camp graduation. 

The plastic Navy mug brings back memories...

Russ got some goodies from the recruiter when he enlisted and he gave me this mug. I only drank out of this coffee mug for the entire two months that he was away. Sometimes I even used it when I was writing my nightly letter to him (I wanted to make sure he got a letter every day). Is it weird that a mug brings back memories? Because... this one totally does. That was a rough two months. If it hadn't been for me discovering from Netflix how awesome "The Office" was, I don't know how I would have made it. 

My Norfolk mug I bought while I was visiting the Nauticus and Naval History Museum with my two friends from out of town. Such a fun day and now I'll have a little piece from Norfolk to take with me when I leave. 

And just a side note: I hate living in a swing state! I'm being driven insane by election ads!! Anyone else suffering with me? (No joke, there's been four in a row right as I type this...)

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