Thursday, October 4, 2012

Virginia Beach Neptune Festival

This past weekend we decided to cross another thing off of our 'Virginia Bucket List' and visit the Neptune Festival down on the oceanfront. 

After circling many different parking lots (and rejecting one where a space cost a whopping $15!!), and avoiding running down oblivious pedestrians, we finally made it down to the boardwalk. 

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. I'm not sure what I was expecting. I guess I was expecting anything but the usual crafty-fair festival things. I'm not interested in buying leather goods from a tent, art made from loofas, or knitted hats. But, I guess that's the kinda stuff that's there every year. 

After walking for blocks and blocks (and by walking, I mean we were herded blocks and blocks by slow walkers and strollers), we finally made it to the sand sculpting area (which is the main reason I wanted to go anyway).  

Click on the images to make them bigger.

I thought it was pretty neat that they also had some amateur work on display. Though, from the rain the previous day the work wasn't as crisp as I'm sure it was at the beginning of the festival. 

I found this one quite humorous; a diver being chomped on by a shark. 
Then we paid our three dollar admission and were herded into a tent that was bulging with people with cameras, babies, and screaming children. Which, if you know anything from this blog, is my idea of a great time. And if you know anything from this blog, you know I'm being sarcastic. 

This next one was probably my favorite because I'm a Harry Potter nerd and it reminded me of Hogwarts. Though, upon looking back I probably should have voted for another sculpture because they just made a 'sand castle' and didn't think outside of the box. Either way, it's still incredible looking. I didn't get a shot of the other side that had an impressive staircase that went to the front door of the castle. There were just too many people. Too. Many. People. And Babies. I'm sure the one year olds enjoyed this display immensely. 

At the end we were handed tokens to vote on which sculptures we liked the best, which I thought was pretty fun and interactive. 

I'm just glad we got to go this year before we left, another item off the list! Our current countdown until we're in Washington: 68 days.

Wow. I've got a lot of planning to do!

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