Monday, November 5, 2012

First Car Ride Test Run

Yesterday morning after we thoroughly enjoyed the daylight savings time extra hour of sleep,  we got dressed and took the babies out for our first car ride test run!  Both of them have been in the car and seemed to be fine with it. I really want them to get used to the sounds of the car and feeling safe and comfortable while in it. It's important that we emphasize to them that car rides don't equal vet trips. 

I lured Ian in with a treat and lured Miss Zelda into her carrier with her favorite purple mouse being thrown in there. They both just sat there after we closed the carrier. 

We then drove up to the freeway, took it for about five minutes and then drove to Target where I ran in for a few things while the kids stayed in the car, all warm and toasty, with Russ.

The best way the two carriers fit in the seat was facing each other, which was probably comforting to both, and I could still see them through the slats in the side.

Our only snafu on the trip was an abrupt stop which caused them to slide a bit (I still have to figure out a system where we can buckle these types of carriers in...) and they didn't like that. 

Other than that, they were fine. A few little sad, pathetic 'meows' but they both did well.

In fact, Ian came out of his carrier when we got home and had a few bites of food and then snuggled back in. It must be cozy. 

I'm hoping that later today I'll get the opportunity to play with the empty carrier in the backseat and see if I can jerry-rig a way to restrain these carriers. I'm thinking I might be able to with the seat belt and a bungee cord? We'll see how it goes. 

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