Sunday, July 28, 2013

Travel To Do List

I know I haven't been around much lately. Truthfully, I just haven't been doing too much home stuff because I haven't really been at home and/or I've been too busy at home to do any decor or yard things. I would imagine it'll only get worse once we get going with this food truck.

We didn't end up going to Portland but there's another truck north of here about an hour that we really want to go see. It's a big ice cream truck that is cheaper than the Portland trucks and already has a lot of shelves and storage in it already. Plus, it's newer and has less mileage. We'll see. 

On Saturday we finally got over to the University District to visit this game store, Pink Gorilla, that Russ has been dying to go into since Comicon. They have a lot of hard to find games, retro games, and imports at really good prices. Russ would live there if they let him. 

We also tried this really awesome burger place called well, A Burger Place. Russ, being the burger connoisseur that he is, loved it. This place was unique because the fare was simply burgers, fries, and onion rings. You take a sheet of paper, mark the type of burger and all the toppings you want and they make it just how you like it. Pretty awesome! 

I didn't take any pictures because there were enough hipsters around the area doing that.

So, I've got a Pinterest board dedicated to Seattle/Washington things that I want to do and I thought it would make an interesting post talking about them. Here goes!

1.) Ride the Ducks

This tour takes you on land and sea on a unique Seattle adventure. The people always look like they're having such a good time with fun music playing and the tour guides are always wearing funny wigs or hats. Downside: kids with duck calls. The. Entire. Time. 

2.) Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

This place has shrunken heads. Seriously. And... if you need more convincing than that the place has mummies, a two-headed calf, money origami and just generally weird stuff. I can't wait to go!

3.) Seattle Underground Tour

In 1889 there was a huge fire that consumed a large portion of Seattle. After that, city officials decided that all new structures be built of stone or brick to reduce the risk of another large fire. They also decided to build the city eight feet higher because of the sogginess of the ground from the constant Seattle rains. What you can now tour is the "first" level of some of the city buildings from the late 1800's. Cool, huh?  

4.) Boeing Factory Tour

Need I say more? 

5.) Mount Rainier National Park

I've seen Mt. Rainier a few times on my way to Seattle and on a few ferry rides and it never ceases to surprise me when I see it. Sometimes the breathtaking mountain is visible from Seattle, and sometimes it's hidden. 

6.) Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum

Artifacts from the police force dating back to the 1880's: weaponry, uniforms, photographs, a jail cell. Seems cool to me.
There's definitely more to see than this but this will keep me busy for a while!

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