Friday, July 19, 2013

Bun Out Of The Oven- A Logo Is Born!

Didn't I say a week ago that I was going to announce our logo the next day... and that never happened? Yeah, we've been deliberating that long on our logo. At first I thought it was pretty clear-cut what I wanted and then, at the last minute, one of our designers uploaded some new designs which made our decision more difficult. 

But, today I can proudly say that we own our logos. Yes, we bought two and you'll see why.

Our main logo for Bake My Day will be this: 

That same designer also made these, which he included in our transaction that we plan to use on alternate t-shirts and stickers for packaging. 

The next design we purchased we really debated using it as our main logo. It's funny, but would people get it? Would they be offended? (which... is stupid.) Would we be able to use it for a brick-and-mortar bakery down the road?  

Ultimately, we still really wanted the design and plan to place it on the back of the truck. We also plan to use it on some hilarious t-shirts that are going to be available for purchase. I think it accurately displays our silly and goofy side. Besides, food trucks are supposed to have some wit and humor about them so we think it really comes across with this design. Bonus, the designer of this logo is local so she'll be able to come see it in action! How awesome is that? 

Next on the agenda: Monday morning we are headed to Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington to look at two awesomely priced trucks. Oh, and I'm going to try and hit up Voodoo Donut! 

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