Tuesday, July 16, 2013


After nearly two weeks of waiting for my photo book from My Publisher, our book finally arrived yesterday!

My book was wrapped in plastic and cushioned within the box to keep it from sliding around and getting scuffed. 

I also thought the "TA-DA! I'M HERE..." was cute, isn't it?

The book was glossy and perfect. 

I love that I can print on the spine, like an actual yearbook. 

The book pages are made with quality paper and the photos look beautiful. My only problem that I have with photo quality is my own fault because a few I took with my Mac camera or my phone. Still, I wouldn't change putting them in because even those photos are special. 

I'm extremely satisfied with my family yearbook and will be doing one every year from now on. I love being able to have an album where photos are printed well and I don't have to worry about them falling out of a conventional album or the photos aging. 

Another thing that's great about My Publisher is that they have many different sizes of photo books to choose from. One, in fact, is a good size to send Russ on deployment with... I'll be sure to share that when I order it before next Spring! 

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