Friday, June 28, 2013

Cabin At Ya

Beach or rivers and mountains? That's the question I've been asking myself over the last week. Why? Because I am planning a little getaway for Russ and I this weekend and he has yet to find out what's going on. He knows I'm getting him something for our anniversary and that he can't have it until this weekend... but I'm pretty sure he has no idea what's going on. 

This was kinda a last minute "present" because I found out I had four days off during the weekend and he's on leave so... the timing is pretty perfect. 

I was going to pick beach but the weekend before the July 4th weekend was pretty busy too so I waited too long and my only cheaper choice was taken. :(

Seabrook Cottages are right on the Pacific Ocean and are located about three hours from Seattle. Maybe we'll get there some other time when I can pounce on an open rental. There's lots of different cottages to choose from in the rental community and they're all gorgeous and range from reasonably priced to OMG-I'm-Not-Rich. 

Here's the one I missed out on which is called Melissa's Beach Bungalow:

I think the cabin rented for about $205 a night which isn't bad for getting a house to rent, right? We will definitely rent one of these cabins someday because I really really want to visit the beach in Washington and get to see the sun set over the ocean (it's one of my goofy little goals to now see the sun set on this side of the country because I got to watch the sun rise over the ocean in Virginia Beach). 

As for what we are actually renting, it's a cabin in the Cascades and it looks really beautiful!

Here's a few shots of the scenery but I'm definitely going to be taking more once we get up there!

I'll be posting more about it next week when we get back. Happy weekend, everyone! 

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