Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fast-Paced Baked Cakes

Hey everyone! It's been a busy week and it's barely over for me! (I have worked since Tuesday and work consecutively until next Tuesday... yeah, not sure how that wonderful schedule worked out!)

I'm exhausted and all this working 8-5 everyday has left me little time for doing anything fun. It's barely left me enough time to think about our food truck bakery business. I've still been doing my daily Craigslist searches and have come up with this baby in Portland:

Isn't she beautiful?! It's selling for $12,000 or best offer because they want to move it fast. While if you were to say "twelve thousand dollars" out loud it sounds like a lot, for a finished and ready-to-go food truck it's a steal. All we'd need to install in there would be some racks for our treats and a refrigerator and we'd be ready to go. 

Speaking of treats... last night I made our first paid order! Two dozen Java Chocolate Chip Cookies with a side of Nutella No-Bake Cookies. I really feel like this is just the beginning of something great. We already know lots of people who are wanting to place orders but, with me and Mom working so much it's hard to find time when we're both coherent enough to talk about our business and actually getting started. 

And... it looks like my internship is officially over. How sad, huh? I did learn a whole lot in that month that really has helped me in my new job. 

Here's a Minecraft cake I did last week at work. I think it looked awesome! (Minecraft is a video game kinda like virtual Legos- it is amazing and fun.) Luckily for this kid, they actually now have a decorator (Me!) who plays the game because no one else in the bakery area knew what Minecraft was. 

My new job doesn't have as many challenging cake designs as my internship but the pace is so so so much faster. It's all I can do all day long to keep up with what is being sold. Time goes SO fast but it is exhausting. 

Here's to hoping I can make it working seven days in a row. Haven't done that in a few years...

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