Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What Would I Change?

Say this rental we're living in wasn't a rental... (we are not buying this house, this is just for fun) what would I change about it?


1.) New roof: our current one is pretty old and growing mossy-weird plants up there.

2.) I'd mulch under our two trees in the front and I'd probably landscape the front with some low-maintenance plants like hostas. They're inexpensive, always look nice, and they spread in large areas. The front is such a large area with weird light that you'd have to get something like that. 

Kinda like these plants in the picture below. BUT I would also invest in some lovely flowering plants or bushes because the front is so dull with browns and greens that it could really use a punch of color!


3.) I'd repaint the porch and steps, kinda like this. I love the darker floor with lighter details. I think something like this would be really cute on the little old retro house. 


4.) I would definitely paint the front door also. The beige door now just blends into the house as one big mass of beige-yness.

I love these colors and think they would really complement the color of the house.


These look colors look familiar though, don't they???

My happy outside planters are already sporting the teal and terra cotta colors (side note: my petunias have either killed my pansies or they died due to the weather being warmer... not sure but still makes me sad.)

If I had unlimited funds now I'd already make these changes just to make the little rental cuter... but, gotta save that money for the food truck!

This little exercise was fun so I've decided on writing more "What Would I Change?" to come in future posts. 

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