Friday, June 14, 2013

Ferris Appeal

After the completion of the Ikea 'rast' dressers last week, I feel like our bedroom is probably nearly finished. Or... really finished. I mean, I'd really like to add a shelf to our terribly small and impractical closet but, I can pretty much say the room is done for now. 

Especially after I bought this picture at Fred Meyer yesterday for around $17 after it was marked down from $29. What a deal!

It's the London ferris wheel and there was a matching one of Big Ben but, I didn't want to go there for the bedroom again (a picture of Big Ben in our first apartment bedroom was one of my first home-crafty projects!). 

Love it!

Side note: on my nightstand there's this book which will help Mom and I plan our food truck business. It's been a great book from what I've stayed awake enough at night to read.
The tables, the mirror, and the picture in combination with the wall color and comforter just make me happy. It's very comfy with all the soft linens and peaceful colors (not that Russ and I couldn't probably fall asleep in a room decked out in colors like the Partridge Family bus, we're always so tired!). 

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