Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weed Killer

There's a little area by the driveway that's usually got someone's car parked in front of it. Which... is good because it looks like this:

If we wait any longer, we'll need a machete to reach the trash can. I've tried to just sit down and start pulling them but quickly became overwhelmed. That little circled area is all I tackled before it became too much. It's crazy over there! We needed some weed killer, stat. 

As Russ began to spray, I moved the trash cans to reveal a little surprise!

We tried to spray far enough away from the little nest and I've been keeping an eye on it for a couple days. I haven't seen the mommy bird and I'm getting a little worried. I hope we didn't scare her away from her nest or something. 

Russ was enjoying weed killing way too much.

Me: "Don't spray the weeds in the grass. They just get cut with the lawn and it doesn't matter. You'll kill the grass."

Russ: "I'm not killing grass, I'm head-shotting weeds." Spoken like a true gamer. 

We'll see how many brown spots appear in the grass in the next few days. 

"These better be dead by tomorrow." 

It's been about two days since he sprayed and the side of the driveway currently looks like this:

Yeah, it's getting there. If I had bought this house I'd rake up all those weeds and lay down some nice mulch right there to keep the trash area looking clean. Buuuut we're only renters so I'll stick with the bird nest and the dirt that's leftover after the weeds are dead. Either way it's an improvement!

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  1. Head shotting weeds. I love it!