Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Wreath Around With Rosies

It's a new season so you know what that means? 

I decided that my challenge project would be outdoor-related because it's been so nice out lately that I've noticed it could use some more sprucing out there besides some lawn mowing. 

Our front door has been rather bare and I've been pinning lots of wreath inspiration for a while now:

So, first I went to Michael's with my 40% off coupon and got these items:

Grapevine Wreath (regularly $4.99)- $2.99 w/ coupon
5 Felt Pieces - .29 each
Total: $4.86

Then I ran over to Joann's because I had another 40% off coupon for there and got these (except for the "C", that came from Hobby Lobby a while back for about $1.50!)

Wreath Hanger (regularly $2.99)- $1.79 w/ coupon
Premade Flower Embellishments (regularly $4.99)- $2.99 on sale
Total: $4.78

To make some lovely felt flowers I used the tutorials found on Pinterest here and here which were quite helpful.

I cut out simple leaves from the green felt and hot glue gunned them to the backs of the flowers. Then I laid out an arrangement of the flowers on the grapevine wreath and simply glued them. 

Love it! It definitely adds a little warmth to the front of the house even though no one ever uses the front door anyway. I also can't believe all it took was less than $10 and less than two hours. :)

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  1. Cute wreath! Lovely flowers!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party