Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Food Wrangling

So on sunny, gorgeous Sunday this happened:

We headed to Fremont to this amazing mobile food truck rodeo that had over thirty different food trucks that ranged from Mexican food to BBQ to sandwiches and burgers to sushi (yes, sushi from a truck!). 

I didn't try this recently launched waffle truck but I was mildly obsessed with trying it. I will track it down someday and get one, we were just too stuffed to try it! The Rodeo Special was: waffle served with peanut butter and bacon. I feel so dumb for not trying that! Other items included waffle with powdered sugar and strawberries and waffle served with banana and Nutella (!). 

I want to try this one too called Now Make Me A Sandwich with a wonderfully drawn Viking dude as their logo holding speared sandwich. Awesome. 

Trophy Cupcakes: their line was empty every time I passed. Is the cupcake trend finally over?! I hope. 

After perusing the entire place and seeing the fish tacos go by a time or two, I knew that was just what I wanted! (It was a really hard decision!) At the Fish Basket it was $8.50 for two tacos which felt kinda steep to me but they were very, very delicious. 

Despite the warm day and our instincts, we decided to try the sushi truck. This truck took forever to wait for in the hot sun and the product wasn't really worth waiting for. We got a california roll and a plate of edamame (which was the worst steamed edamame I've ever tried to eat) for about $7. The california roll wasn't conventional either and while I understand that it was served in a seaweed wrap cone for ease of eating on the go, I really didn't like how difficult it was to bite into. I should've gotten a waffle from the waffle wagon instead. 

We found a shady spot along the riverside and this was our view. It was a wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful day. It was even... hot outside almost. It's weird for me to say that about Seattle! I even got a little sunburn! Only I can get sunburn in Seattle. 

Next was the main event: checking out our potential competition for our dessert truck business. There was only Street Treats, Ben & Jerry's, and Trophy Cupcakes out of the entire rodeo for dessert. We entered the line for Street Treats only to be told by a Rodeo Official that the line was closed for fifteen minutes while the truck was getting caught up on orders. We just decided to stand there anyway and then had a Meet The Parents-type moment by being told to "step aside" for no reason.

And here's what I'm confused about: why were they so behind when their fare was just make-your-own ice cream sandwiches and a rice krispie treat? I mean, it's just slapping a scoop of ice cream between two cookies, how time consuming is that? 

The verdict: eh. It was service with a scowl followed by quickly-melting and ill served ice cream sandwiches. We were handed them in no serving container for they were just sandwiched between a napkin. It was a hot day and so hot that I didn't even have time to snap a picture before they began to melt. The owner seemed stand offish and I didn't see her smile once (and for me to say that it's something because I don't spend my life with a goofy grin plastered on my face). 

The cookies were slightly smaller than my palm and the sandwiches cost $5 each. It felt kinda steep to me for what we were getting. 

The first one was Snickerdoodle on one side, Molasses on the other with coffee ice cream between the two. The ice cream is made by Street Treats and the coffee ice cream was probably the best thing about our entire order. The Molasses cookie was probably the best one but it was a little too sweet for my tastes.

The other one we shared was Chocolate Chip on one side, Chocolate Cookie with peanuts on the other with vanilla ice cream. Just okay. I kinda want my $10 back so I can just buy some coffee ice cream. 

It was a really fun day despite getting hot and claustrophobic from all the people! Next year we'll be in a truck of our own though!

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