Friday, May 10, 2013

Cat Tales

It's been a while since I posted about all the kitty cats that are now part of one big happy kitty family. So, you may be wondering how four cats who were thrown together in a household are getting along? (Or you may not be wondering because you don't care about my pets... what's wrong with you?:P...) 

I really envisioned it being chaos. I saw visions of scratching, spraying, hissing, and running around crazy. There is some of those things but it's been a lot easier than I expected. Sometimes their little kitty personalities clash a little which can lead to some irritation between them. 

It helps that I separate them at mealtimes that way they're used to eating with the same cat they've been living with and the other won't be tempted as much to steal food. Thankfully our door to the downstairs makes it easier to isolate them for meals. I also isolate my part of the house from the upstairs at night so the cats get a little break from each other, which helps, and I can feed mine at barely dawn when they park their butts on my face to wake me up. 

But, who cares about all that? Where's the cute pictures?!

They like to enjoy the sunroom on some extra cardboard. They love the warm sunlight on the carpet. 

I think Miss Kitten was deliberately posing for this one, huh?

This is the only time Mickey can be caught for a picture.  He's usually too active and happy to have your attention than to pose for a shot.

And here's Gizmo, busy being his handsome self. 

Now that I've smothered you with cuteness, have a Happy Friday! :D