Monday, May 13, 2013

Cake Show And Tell

It's time for another cake roundup! I've been really busy at my internship, making cakes and learning techniques and taking pictures of my work. It's been great to get to have one-on-one attention with someone teaching me unlike my cake class of early last year in which I was just one of twenty-five or so students. 

This week was my first venture into airbrushing camouflage. I thought it would turn out rather weird but I think it actually looks pretty good... minus the kid's name. Not sure what that's about and yes, it's spelled correctly. 

I made the next three cakes as extras rather than orders for the refrigerated case. I left the tops rather sparse to make room for last minute writing as requested by the customers. 

And this week was groundbreaking! I finally managed to make a good looking rose after my decorator taught me using a skewer rather than a flower nail. 

I'd been trying forever to master making a rose on a flower nail like I'd seen so many people do before. I don't know, it just wasn't clicking. I could never get it to sit up right or angle my bag the right way. 

But with the skewer, it just clicked. I got it in like one try and haven't looked back since. It's been nice to finally make a good looking rose!

Ta da! I'm so proud! :)

This has been the most fun cake I've done! It was just playful and interesting and I love it.  Though I really wanted to make the background black like the actual game and the inspiration picture the client sent but we were worried about the guest's teeth turning black! 

So this week is going to be pretty exciting and busy and I'll have more details later this week! 

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