Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday Business

I haven't posted since last Thursday!... I had such a wonderful momentum going there, didn't I? Well, with orientation this last weekend and my first day in the bakery yesterday, I've been busy and exhausted. There's been lots of learning and feeling really stupid but, everyone hates being the new kid. I think I'm going to settle in there just fine but I couldn't see myself being there forever. I want my own bakery that will actually bake things and not just whip things out for fast, mass consumption. 

But... anyways...

I've realized that I've not posted pictures of how Russ' birthday decorations turned out. I wish I had done a little more but I think it still turned out cute for being on a budget. 

Here's the mood board I was going for: 

And here's what I managed to pull off:

Tablecloth: already owned $0
Streamers: leftover $0
Lanterns: $1.50 ea/ $3

Snacks: $4
Table decorations: already owned $0

Note to self: hot pie + birthday candles = a hot, waxy mess. I felt so dumb! (But, we all got a laugh out of it).

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