Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Here's just a goofy little blogging exercise...

1.) The term "door-buster." 
2.) People who are fond of sharing too much about their children on Facebook.
3.) Touching the condensation on the lid of leftover containers that come out of the fridge. 
4.) Cords.
5.) Watching the same commercial over and over (thanks, Hulu). 
6.) Chauvinistic/homophobic/racist/ignorant internet commenters. 
7.) Touching a stranger's hand when exchanging change. 
8.) Most reality television (most especially American Idol). 
9.) Eel in sushi. 
10.) Stupid inspirational quotes and graphics:

11.) People who whine about *spoiler alerts* on social media. If you don't want things spoiled for you, watch it and then look it up!
12.) Endless posts about a workout/eating regime. Don't care. 

And I had to stop at twelve which is strange because I know I have more peeves than that! Do we have any similar pet peeves? Isn't it goofy, when you think about it, what little things are bothersome to some people and don't bother others?

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