Saturday, May 4, 2013


The first Thursday of every month is free at the Seattle Art Museum so I took a little trip down there to check it out while it was wonderfully free. 

There were things that I liked:

This next one was called "Rumor" and I thought it was an interesting piece. 



The next one is Mt. Rainier and it's crazy how much this painting looks like how the actual mountain will appear- in the sky and seemingly out of no where. 

I thought this looked like an anchor. Must be the Navy wife in me.

And then there was the "I Don't Get This" series. I am a creative person but these left me scratching my head and/or chuckling at times. 

When I saw this next one, I just thought of some dumb person saying, "Well... duh... I tried to build a dawg howse and this happen..." 

In school we called this scrap paper. 

Then there was the Nightmare Fuel Collection:

AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Isn't this horrifying?! 

There was an upper floor I didn't get to go up to because it was late and I am cheap and didn't want to pay to see anything. Maybe next time but it was definitely an interesting trip!

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  1. Really enjoyed your post, some really interesting art work there!

    Would you be interested in joining a Q&A community that I'm building? I'm keen to get a few talented bloggers on board. Could be a good chance to promote your blog too :)