Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wedding Card Memento Book

This is a really easy project that's great for putting your trip or card collections in order.  I originally found the idea for this off of Pinterest which linked to this website and I loved the idea of taking random things from a trip and grouping it together in a book.  I have gathered many things from my trips that wouldn’t sit right in scrapbook so this idea was perfect for the random receipts, booklets, plane tickets, hotel key cards and other things that I have gathered.  
As a twist on this idea I decided to take all of my wedding and engagement cards and put them into a book instead of letting them take up space in a box somewhere.  And I did have enough of them.  You could even do this for holiday cards or birthday cards by year. 

I bought some binder rings and had a hole punch lying around (which was a terrible hole punch, it was bent and the cards were SO thick to punch through without a good hole punch!).

I lined them up, punched the holes and put them on the binder rings.

After I threaded them all through the binder rings, it just didn’t look finished to me.  I decided to add a cover and use the only thing I really had lying around that would make a durable cover and back cover: a Cheerio’s box.  (Leftover from my brother’s trip to visit and he had to have Cheerio’s.  I think they’re nasty and they’ve been sitting in my cupboard getting stale ever since he left. Ha.) 

Since I didn't much care fro the Cheerio's motif, I just took some scrapbook paper I had lying around and glued it to the Cheerio's box cover. 

Done! :) Now instead of hiding in envelopes that I'll never sift through, the cards can be viewed like a photo album.

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  1. Thanks for linking your project to my blog and the Charleston mini, which was published this month in Somerset Memories magazine! Good luck decorating your son is in the Navy as well!