Monday, October 24, 2011

Updates and Before and After: Chair Seat Recovering

Not long after I wrote the previous post, my husband came home after getting a call from the animal shelter telling him that we could pick up the new cat.  We brought home Salem and this weekend has been a little tense between Ian and the new arrival.  I was afraid my sweet little Ian would become distant and angry for bringing in a new cat into the household.  But, he seems to be getting back to normal.  Salem is a very sweet cat and I think Ian is learning that he's not threatening (seriously, Salem will purr and head butt you for a steady hour).  So, things are getting better.  

I've also been working on my painted curtains this weekend.  After using my sponge brush I already owned, I decided that I really needed to invest in a roller to help me out.  I had a coupon for 20% off Michael's yesterday and bought the roller.  I've been using it last night and this morning and it seems to help a great deal.  But, this curtain undertaking really isn't an easy project.  It's tedious and I've had to do two coats already with my acrylic paint.  So far, I've taken the painting tape off of two stripes and hung up the curtains to dry.  Annnnd.... I'm pretty happy with how it looks.  I'll take some pictures when I've gotten one panel done. 

Within the last month or so I recently finished a project that I've been holding off on for over a YEAR!  I bought a sturdy chair from Thrift Store USA and I think it was around $14.  Besides the seat cushion, the chair was in pretty good condition but I definitely wanted to recover the cushion.  I was also planning once upon a time to paint it but I'm glad I decided to keep the wood. 

After searching FOREVER to find a fabric that I liked enough to bother spending the money on (I'd like to think that that's what took over a year... not my procrastination) I stumbled upon Tonic Living and fell in love.   I love Tonic Living's geometric designs, something about them is just pleasing to my eye.  

The cushion was in relatively good condition and I had enough extra fabric to recover the chair twice if it needed to be replaced down the line, I just stapled the fabric over the existing fabric. 

Oooh I see some dusts!  Oops!

Sooooo cute!  So far, it's the only piece of furniture that I've found at a thrift store that'll fit in our house (there have been lots of beautiful dressers I've wanted to re-do but I have a huge apartment walk-in closet so a dresser would just be another thing we'd have to move... and it would probably be empty! ha).  But seriously, on a budget the thrift store can be a great source of furniture.  I didn't have to cover the cushion (and didn't for over a year) so it still would have been a cheap and well built chair for my space. 

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