Friday, October 14, 2011

An Ever-Evolving Project

The way I look at my apartment and its decor is that of a never-ending and forever evolving project.  There's always something I want to tweak or change.  As you move through life, you never stay the same yourself so why would your spaces be stuck in a stagnant state forever?  There are life events, changing tastes, and seasons that can affect your style or change your functionality. 

Just having an apartment for over a year, both of them have seen many changes.  There's been furniture additions and layout changes as I discover what works and what doesn't.  I have interchangeable decor items like different vases, statues, candleholders, and picture frames that I move and switch if I get bored with it for too long.  It keeps things fresh and interesting for me (especially since I spend so much time at home because we only have one car). 

Here's just a sample of some of the things that I have on my To-Do In the Future List (with inspiration pictures found on Pinterest):

-Cover a drum shade with a map for desk lamp

-Create a necklace hanger (they get so tangled in my jewelry box)


-DIY curtains for the living room
-DIY a tree skirt for Christmas
-More DIY ornaments 

-DIY a wreath


Now I don't know when I'll get to these projects, but I enjoy always having some idea on the back burner.  And Pinterest is an awesome site for inspiration of any kind and has become my main source of ideas because it is a culmination of the best and most interesting things on the web.

I'm looking forward to tackling some DIY curtains this weekend (which I'm really excited about) and also... Virginia Zoo on Sunday.  It's Military Appreciation Day which is both good and... bad.  There's going to be lots of families, lots of strollers running my ass over, and lots of screaming children.  I might even post some pictures. :) 

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