Friday, October 28, 2011

Short-Term Solution To My Necklace Mess!

Whenever I open my jewelry box I want to pull my hair out.  I have no idea how my necklaces get so tangled.  Because I don't have the patience usually to sort through my necklace wad, I usually don't wear half of the ones I have.  I usually end up going without them or wearing the same one over and over again.  Even today while sorting through them there were many times that I said to myself, "Oh yeah!  I remember this one!" 

I had an unused tension rod that was just sitting in my living room closet and I thought that I could use it for a short-term solution for the necklace wad.  Behold!

Mainly for costume jewelry and stainless steel jewelry (love!) that doesn't tarnish.  My nice stuff is still in the jewelry box and NOT tangled! :D

Now they are easily accessible and I can actually see what I have!  Some of the longer necklaces I'll have to keep an eye on... 

Mr. IanPants was clearly interested in whatever I was fussing with in the closet and the longer necklaces are easily within his reach. 

And you'd think that my clothes would interfere with the necklaces hanging on the rod.  Not so...

Awesomeness!  And... free.  I like this so much, it might end up being my long-term solution!

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