Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vintage Creep Show

Last week my brother took me along with him to go to the Fremont Vintage Mall and it had some pretty cool stuff in it. Unlike a lot of antique stores that have things that border on grandma-like antiquities, this store had a lot of things mainly from the 1950's and up. 

Strangely, I came out of the store with pictures of mostly creepy things. Isn't that the best part of going to places like this?

I couldn't even garner a guess at what this decapitated plaster baby head would be for. The tag hanging from its mouth almost seems as if it was caught by accident on someone's fishing trip.

Who. Would. Want. This? I can't even explain why someone would want to own some malicious-looking unibrow acne-freckle man mug. 

"Honey? What's on tonight?" 
"Oh, you know... my worst nightmare."

And who wouldn't want a toothless clown with a nesting bird on his head giving them the side eye while walking down a dimly lit hallway? I wonder if he has any balloons? 

A soulless green child stands next to a splotchy woman with a huge leg-growth. Perfect for my bedroom!

I found some extras from the best worst movie in existence, Troll 2!


The sad clown hobo just doesn't know his own strength and mourns the loss of the clown he killed that is now resting at his feet.

When I first saw this picture I thought it was completely terrifying. 

Then, while sorting through albums my brother came across this and we realized it was a rendition of the album cover. Still. Completely blood-curdling. Hard pass. 


This artwork was creepy yet morbidly awesome. It reminded me of a card game Russ introduced to me called Gloom. It has the same type of artwork... I'll have to look up the artist to see if they are both done by the same one. 

It's a card game in which you play a family and the object of the game is to make your family as miserable as possible (and ultimately kill them off) while you make the opposing players families as happy as possible. It's really fun because you have to weave a story around the events of the cards (example: "[person's name] was attacked by mice" or "[persons name] was charmed by ducks."). It's a pretty funny game!


Even with such a goofy hat on she seems snobby, huh?

And here's some cool things I saw:

This picture was marked for $75... because it was the end of the month I offered $50 and got to take it home! I was drawn to it for some reason and think it's got a cool dystopian vibe to it... I plan to mess with the frame a little to change up the color but I love this!

I think this table was $250 but I thought it had a very interesting and pretty top. 

They had tons of neat things to be framed like these vintage children's cards. They had flashcards and other game cards that would've been really cute framed for a kids room... I almost bought the kitten one for me though.

Russ would have loved this vintage Marvel card because Doctor Doom is his favorite!

I took this picture to show Russ what kind of display they had going- he would have enjoyed weeding through there.

It was a fun trip to the vintage mall and I plan to go back soon! Brayt found a large amount of vinyls he wanted so it was a successful shopping day!

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