Monday, April 28, 2014

Care Package #2

I sent out Russ' care package on March 31st and he received it April 23rd! I didn't expect it to take that long. I mean, I get it because they're not always in port and can't receive mail but jeez. 

The cute little box I sent out was not received that way. He said it was heavily damaged and looked as if it had been delivered by Ace Ventura:

The box was "frankenstein-ed" back together, as he put it, and his poor little oatmeal cream pies were as thick as a sheet of paper. :( I'm sure he'll still eat them but that's just sad! 

On Friday I mailed out his next package, which... should have been his "birthday" care package but I wasn't thinking about it being time for that until May. With the time frame on receiving his packages, it will be his birthday by the time he gets this next one. Oh well, I will make him a birthday themed box next time which I plan to send in two weeks. 

Care packages are expensive though! I had no idea it was going to cost this much. A flat rate box will cost about $15 on its own for military, but double that for our adopted sailor and it's $30 each time. Not to mention the contents... I probably spend about $100 in supplies. I never imagined!

Anyway, Russ' theme for Care Package #2 was Mystery Science Theater 3000. We both love that show and I thought it would make an adorable theme without being cheesy.

The only thing I printed out was the logo of the show- other than that I painted it to look like space and painted out their little space ship, the satellite of love. I put an envelope for a letter and a couple pictures that I printed out. 

What did I pack this time:
-Werther's Original
-King Size Paydays
-Sour Punch Straws
-Fruit Smiles Gummies
-New Headphones
-Heat & Eat Pasta
-Ramen Cups
-Honey Mustard & Onion pretzels
-Cliff Bars
-Chicken Noodle soup (in a heatable container)

And I think a few other things that I can't remember? I gotta start making these lists before I send them! haha

Hopefully this box will have safer travels than the last! I doubt it.

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