Friday, April 4, 2014

Counting the Days

With Russ gone, I've been trying to stay busy. That's harder now that I don't have a job and am trying to focus entirely on the business (which has been sloooooow moving since it's so hard for companies to return calls... but anyways). 

I decided before Russ left that it would be cool for him to see a snippet of everyday that he's been missing. I know it doesn't even begin to make up for the time he's lost at home but I thought it would be better than nothing. So, everyday I've been making a point to take a picture of something. It could be what I'm working on, what's happening, something cute, or just a snapshot of the day. 

So here it is:

1.) Russ' ship leaves on deployment day.
2.) I spend my time drawing schematics of the food truck.
3.) I spend part of the day sweeping and wiping down the food truck (it was quite dirty).
4.) I went to my first movie alone to see Veronica Mars (and it was AWESOME).
5.) I went to SeaTac to pick up Mom from the airport.
6.) Zelda and I take a self-portrait.
7.) I tried out a new chocolate chip cookie recipe and it is amazing and I've discovered our go-to bakery basic chocolate chip recipe. 
8.) I checked the mail and got our official Bake My Day LLC name registry from the state of Washington.
9.) Spring is coming but Winter is trying to hold on during its last day.

10.) It's the official first day of Spring and our little flowers are making an appearance.
11.) Mom and I have breakfast at a local cafe that's WWII & Navy-themed.
12.) Mom and I spend time reorganizing the garage and collect things for a garage sale.
13.) The three of us go to Ikea (on a weekend, we ARE crazy!).
14.) Double rainbow!
15.) Beautiful day for the first lawn-cutting of the year!
16.) My Ikea shelves are put together and lookin' fine.
17.) Mom and I begin to put together care packages for Russ and the sailor onboard that we "adopted."
18.) Gizmo lounges as he's prone to do.

19.) Brayt and I visit the Fremont Vintage Mall and it's awesome!
20.) Rainy Seattle.
21.) Ian squints at me lovingly.
22.) April Fool's Day special on National Geographic! 
23.) Our cherry blossoms are blooming in the yard.
24.) A self-portrait to start the day. (I still feel weird taking these...)

I hope Russ enjoys seeing a slice of life while he's gone. I'm contemplating putting these together in a book to print out for us to keep when he gets home. This is an interesting time in our lives that is worth documenting, I think. 

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