Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Things

Things Are Making Me Happy Right Now:

1.) After sitting in my Netflix queue for a while I decided to dive into "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" at about 11:30 pm. Bad idea because I stayed up well past 3 am watching episodes. But, I regret nothing! That show is awesomely hilarious and I'm so sad there's only two seasons. Still, definitely worth a watch.

2.) My new cell phone case that's really floral and girly. I normally don't gravitate toward those kind of things but the color makes me happy. And, it was only a few bucks!


3.) Our new little shop vac that we got at Walmart a while back. I hadn't used it yet but then the other day I broke it out of the box and I wanted to VACUUM ALL THE THINGS! It's been great for spring cleaning. 

It's almost the same as this one:

4.) My lightweight Old Navy hoodies. It's been the perfect temperature to wear them and I've been in them almost constantly (and as I'm typing this).

5.) One of my favorite shows in the world is Parks & Recreation but I only recently picked up this book (the main character, Leslie Knope, writes a book in the show). I love it... but it always makes me crave waffles! (If you don't know the show you might think that's weird.) 

6.) And goofy little deployment/Navy things I find on Pinterest that make me laugh. 


This one is funny because I almost really suggested that! I'm sure he'd love to spend more time on a boat after being gone for months on end.

I sent this last one to him the other day and his reply was something like, "That's exactly how it is!"

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