Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bag It Up

I've been having a difficult time keeping all the truck and business paperwork organized. I knew I wanted a new messenger bag to hold everything and make it easier to haul all the truck/business things with me. I've got binders, planners, notebooks, and an accordion folder that I've got to keep track of and together so I set out to find the perfect bag.

Because I accidentally have Amazon Prime (as in... I signed up for the free month trial at Christmas and then like an idiot I forgot to cancel it and it charged me $79 for the year...), I first looked there because I can get free two day shipping on tons of items. Being so close to Seattle, some things come the very next day! :D

What I had originally wanted was some grungy-looking military bag with worn canvas and leather accents that was slouchy, casual and cool. I wanted something that looked broken in and years of use just added to its charm.

There were many contenders but then I stumbled upon this bag and loved it immediately:


It comes in a variety of colors and they are all rich and gorgeous. I had a hard time choosing which color because I liked them all. I ultimately chose the color above called 'Tide' and ordered it in the 'medium' size (I had to look at the measurements to even see what a size medium bag was). I let it sit in my cart for a few days while I thought it over and the price went from $65 to $55. Sometimes that'll happen, not usually, but I think I still would've ordered it for $65 anyway. 

Strangely, until I took this picture I hadn't noticed that the zippers and straps in the listing are black and my bag has a matching strap and zippers... ? 

Oh well, I still love this bag and I think I might like it better than the Amazon listing.

I love the polka dot lining.

There's tons of compartments to keep my wallet, checkbook, truck keys, pens, and car keys. 

So far I've only used the main part of the bag for our binders and things but the back portion has a cushioned partition for a laptop (which might be useful in the future). It's also got a velcro strap to keep it secure.

The back has another padded compartment that could be used for a tablet. 

I've already used it a couple times while we're out on truck-related errands and it's worked great. It's comfortable to wear and it allows me to have all our papers together AND my personal items so I don't have to keep track of all these binders and a purse.

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