Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday High 5

This has been an interesting week full of ups, downs, and empty wallets. Very empty. :(

1.) First and most importantly, I finally got to talk to Russ after weeks and weeks of sporadic emails only! I'm so excited and happy to finally get to talk to him, it really brightened my week life. 

2.) This picture I stumbled upon. I love baby sloths, they're so adorable!

3.) I finally got the downstairs organized and clean- a little tour next week of what I've been doing will be posted. It's nice to get some Spring cleaning out of the way!

4.) Bertha Mae (what we have lovingly monikered our food truck after my great grandma) is in the shop and being worked on! FINALLY! After weeks of being jerked around by a certain company that hates returning phone calls, we are now going forward. She should be done in about two weeks or so getting the plumbing and electrical fixed. We also need a new window because it's not up to code- it needs to be safety glazing or Plexiglas. Isn't that annoying? But, despite shelling out next to all of our tax refund it's nice to know that some progress toward the business is being made.

5.) It's getting warmer around here! It's been almost in the 60's all week. Yayyy! :D

Happy weekend!

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