Monday, April 7, 2014

How To Have A Successful Garage Sale

Don't be me. Ha ha!

We had a garage sale on Saturday and I really thought we had a good chance of making some money. We had some cheaply priced decor items and furniture (which is always a huge draw). I put an ad on Craigslist on Tuesday to run until Saturday, put out three signs to point the way to our house and then...


I even made free cookies! :(

Our sale was to start at 8 and our first customer didn't arrive until 8:30 and then she said she wanted one of the purses and she'd come back with money. I actually didn't plan on her returning but she did 45 minutes later and we made $12. 

Our only other customer was a man hauling a trailer and he walked up and promptly bought the shelf by the table set, my table set, and another nightstand we had in the back. I only sold my table for $15 because it's rough. So we made $21 more which brought out two hour total to $33... woo hoo.

I'm not too disappointed because one of Mom's friends bought three of my basement shelves, the goofy one in front there, and my two silver lamps, and Mom's busted tv stand for $65.

So yeah, not a great garage sale run but it's something.

I'm actually just glad we got rid of our big furniture items are gone and the garage is more spacious so I guess that's good, right? 

The downstairs is looking so nice since I rearranged everything. A little tour is in store for later this week!

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