Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When I Go To The Thrift Store

A strange thing happened the last time I stopped in at my local thrift store... I didn't see that many weird, goofy things. I actually saw a few things that I wanted. But... I didn't buy anything because 1) my thrift store seems to be getting expensive for what it is, even with my 20% military discount Thursdays and 2)... I'm feeling antsy and done decorating this apartment. I know I said that I feel like my spaces should be constantly evolving, that's not what I mean. I mean I'm ready to move on! I'm ready for Washington State, baby! 

I mean, look at this:

I. Am. Psyched! I'm going to be living 30 minutes from Seattle. AND 30ish minutes from Ikea!! (Which, the new catalog is now available for online viewing or 6-10 weeks through the mail... waiting for mine and pinning from the online catalog in the meantime!)

Anyways... now onward to the thrift store!

I really loved this amazing armoire- the color, the lines, the doors. Love. But... there's absolutely no way I'd ever be able to fit this in an apartment AND what a hassle to move, right? Because of that, I didn't even check the price but it's really a cool piece. 

I guess I should've bought this but it didn't seem worthy of $10. I could've used my discount... maybe if it's there on Thursday I'll pick it up and know it was meant to be. It's a Norfolk city cross stitch that would look really awesome on a frame wall that I plan to do someday. Wouldn't it be adorable in a clean, white Ikea frame surrounded by other sentimental art? I've been meaning to pick up something art-related to keep after living here for 2+ years...

These were a pretty cheap $2.49 each but... I couldn't rationalize the purchase no matter how many times I could visualize these on a bookshelf or holding keys... I don't want to clutter my apartment so I passed these up. Still thought they were pretty cool though. 

This jewelry box was hidden behind a few things and has so much promise. Look at the lines and those handles! Behind the doors there's a row of drawers for lots of jewelry storage. I really really really wanted to get this and sand it down and make it beautiful BUT it was $35. Yes, $35! I couldn't fathom paying that at a thrift store so it got left behind... 

This was probably the only funny, goofy thing I saw while browsing. It looks like the caption should read, "Would you stop playing that thing?!"

For some reason I loved the look of this book. The colors and the scroll design look almost like it could be displayed as art. But $15? Um. Get over yourself. 

How can that book be $15 but this mirror was priced at $5.99? Weird. 

My brother is a big Titanic nut so I had to take a picture of this whisky "bottle" that was part of a large collection of whisky bottles there. 

And here's just a snippet of that collection. It was actually pretty impressive though... I always feel sad when I think of the instances of how such a collection ended up at the thrift store...

Well, that was all the notable items from my trip... looking back on this, I should've bought the Norfolk cross stitch and the Titanic! Maybe I'll head back up there to see if they're still there...?

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