Monday, July 23, 2012

Summertime, Kitten Time

Sorry for the Summer absence over here.... we've just been busy enjoying Russ' time off and doing... Summer lazy things like...

Staying up too late and sleeping in too late... shopping, eating, going to the beach and burning our feet on sand that feels like you're walking on hot coals. 

Going to the weekend adoption event and adopting this little girl who we get to bring home on Wednesday after she's been spayed...

Her name is Zelda... courtesy of my gamer husband.

She's a very sweet and affectionate girl that's been fostered and well taken care of. And she got cozy and fell asleep in Russ' arms while we were visiting. How sweet is that? She's really the only cat I've seen coming home with us since we've started looking. Everyone kept commenting that it would seem that she just chose us (an awesome sign when you're looking for a kitty companion). 

I'm just hoping that everything goes well with this adoption. We've been looking for another kitty pal for Ian for months after we finally recovered from having to take back Salem (who's since been adopted about a week or two after we surrendered him). 

I wasn't looking for a female as I've heard some females can be territorial and domineering (and I've had two female cats before and living with them was pretty much hell) so I was a little leery. BUT, she is a kitten and hopefully we can keep her being a lovey, sweet little girl. I'm worried about how Ian will take it so I've been dishing him out extra love, affection, and snuggles (which, he gets a lot of baby-ing already). I just want him to have a companion. I felt so bad leaving him all alone while we went on our trips at the beginning of the month and I wouldn't have felt bad leaving him with a friend. 

I also wanted to give another animal a good home. Even though things didn't work out with Salem, we gave Ian a second chance at having a good life. I wanted to offer that chance to another animal. I would adopt a dozen or more cats if I could. 

In the back of my head I was also thinking, "Will it be more difficult to take two cats to Washington than just one?" The answer is really yes and no. We'll make it though. It's just a few (hopefully not hellish) days in the car. 

Since I haven't posted a picture of Mr. Ian Pants in a while, here's a picture of our first baby:

This is actually the first picture I took of him when we met him at Petsmart for the first time. And speaking of, yesterday was our one year anniversary of being Ian's pet parents! I'm sure my sweet, orange boy will make a good big brother. 

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