Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road Trip! Part II

On the 6th we left for Savannah bright and early. It was a long, long eight hour drive but it was completely worth it when we got there. Such an amazing and beautiful city. And, THE most haunted city in the United States, awesome! 

I really fell in love with this place in the small amount of time were were there. I would even consider moving here for a few years, humidity be damned!

We checked in at our hotel and then went down to the historic part of Savannah to begin scoping the area before our 8 pm ghost tour that my friend, Nikki, signed us up for.

Our first stop was Forsyth Park which was really amazing. I'll just shut up and show pictures:

There was actually a wedding about to take place in front of the fountain.

The moss kills me. I think it's so pretty!

I still can't get over how beautiful the streets and homes were. Gorgeous. Everything was so beautiful and ornate, details on everything.

We fueled up for our ghost tour by going to B&D Burgers (which is rated in the top 10 of America's best burgers) and everything was amazing. We also got to try fried green tomatoes for the first time with pimento cheese spread. Words can't describe its deliciousness...  

Image via here

We met up with our ghost tour guide at the old Cotton Exchange building. Look at that building! Everything is so gorgeous here I could die (maybe that's why it's so haunted?).

And this place, The Hamilton-Turner Inn was my absolute favorite. The picture doesn't do it justice so visit their website here: or I might have to slap you because this place is worth checking out. Normally I like more sleek and modern-looking decor but this traditional decor is Savannah. Ah-mazing. The front, right window has a bright red room visible from the street. AHH! Oh yeah, and it's haunted (of course, good luck finding a place in Savannah that's not). 

Also, it was the first building the Georgia to have electricity... crazy, right?

And here's Russ and I in front of the Cotton Exchange before the ghost tour.

It's hard to describe the feeling in Savannah. It's got a heaviness, a fullness to it that isn't just the humidity. You can almost feel the history in the air all around you. It was so unique to see the mesh of old and new in the historic district: Starbucks on brick streets, cars being passed by horse-drawn carriages, men playing checkers on sidewalk (seriously).

Tomorrow: our brief jaunt to Charleston.

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