Friday, July 13, 2012

Road Trip! Part III

After spending the night in Savannah, we hopped on over to Charleston. But, we were pretty exhausted so Charleston became more of a long pit stop between Savannah and home. 

We stopped for lunch at a place recommended on Design Sponge (which has awesome city guides, by the way, like the one for Savannah here and Charleston here). 

With a unique menu of Southern cuisine, it was an interesting and delicious place to try. Every table had a sheet of paper as a table covering and crayons. I think this idea should be implemented by every restaurant. What better way to keep yourself occupied while waiting for your food?!

And the food... incredible! I got chicken and sweet potato hash with scrambled eggs for brunch. Russ got fried green tomatoes, eggs, and pimento cheese grits (which were pretty much gone before I could snap a picture). 

After scouting out the town and feeling exhausted, we decided to stop at another place recommended by Design Sponge for some road trip snacks...

For calling itself a bakeshop I really expected more variety. I mean, what's with places ONLY selling cupcakes in boutique bakeries nowadays? And I'm not that huge of a cupcake fan. They don't impress me. They come across, to me, as a fad and gimmicky. 

It was a cute shop, very very tiny though (which is fine) and they had about a dozen or more varieties of cupcakes ($3 each) and about three varieties of cookies ($1 each). All and all, it wasn't anything I couldn't make at home. 

We got blackberry, blueberry vanilla, peanut butter, chocolate, and peanut butter and jelly. Sadly, the peanut butter flavors were just the "frosting" and the actual cake part was vanilla cake. Simple. 

The chocolate was just... plain old chocolate. Not rich, just... chocolate. 

I don't know... when I hear "bakeshop" I expect... baked goods. EVERYONE'S doing cupcakes and I feel like I just don't get the cupcake fascination. The only thing the treat has going for it is that it's cute which for a sugaraholic like me, isn't enough sweetheart.

But yeah, that was our Charleston experience... strictly culinary. I hope I get to go back sometime in the future and scope out the rest of the place!

Tomorrow: last part of our trip, Washington D.C!

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