Monday, July 30, 2012

Kitten Duty

Or as I should say, 'kitten doody.' Let's just say I've been very busy cleaning up after Miss Zelda. We've got to take her for an exam sometime this week and she's sneezing and... having rectal issues. Fun fun fun.

But I did manage to get some decent shots of her...

when she's not running around and playing like crazy.

And she does sleep a lot because she's a growing kitten... which is fine for right now. When she's sleeping she's not sneezing in our faces or spreading other things around. 

As for Mr. Ian... it's been an adjustment. He hisses and is totally curious about her at the same time. Though, he hasn't hissed today so I think we're making progress. I've just been trying to not dote too much on the kitten in his presence (which isn't that hard since she's kinda... stinky right now) and he seems to be reassured that we still love him. Feels like I'm dealing with children right now!

Aww! He's so handsome! :D

I'll be back tomorrow with an edition of "When I Go To The Thrift Store" and now that Russ' leave is over, posting will be back on schedule!

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