Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This and That

I was going to post yesterday but it ended up being a pretty busy day.  I took Mr. IanPants to the Banfield clinic yesterday for the first time (which, I was quite happy with and we'll be back) for his rabies vaccination. 

He did wonderfully and all of the people in the office just loved him because he was so sweet and friendly.  However, they discovered that he does have a few fleas and needs to have his ear washed out for a week with some medicinal solution.  

Yeah, I did that this morning and it wasn't fun.  I've now learned to put it in his ear with my eyes closed because once it got in his ear canal he shook his head which sent a lot of the solution into my eye.  I thoroughly washed my eye out but it still feels a little irritated. 

So, I've been spending the day washing Ian's blankets and our bedding in hot water and vacuuming like crazy in order to make sure there's no fleas.  He's been spending the day following me around as my adorable stalker. 

And how cute is this?!  Along with the fact that I needed those types of eyeshadow colors, I HAD to buy it because the flag is adorable! 

And these... 

They're for my Valentine's Day treat that I'm going to make for Russ to take into work.  

These... Red Velvet Cake Balls!


Can't wait to make these!

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