Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keeping Ian Octopied

Ian's got a pretty sweet life around here. There's lots of comfy places to sleep... like where he resides this morning (and almost all night, every night now that it's cold here).

He has lots of toys... he's a very spoiled kitty.

I found this on Pinterest and thought a little DIY octopus toy would be completely adorable, especially when he loves his little octopus on a stick he got for Christmas. 

I cut the sock near the heel and sewed together some felt eye balls.

I sewed on the eyes and cut a little hole at the top to sew the ribbon into.  That way I can use it to hook onto one of the poles we have so he can play with it that way too. 

I stuffed him with two plastic shopping bags (instead of fluff, that way it makes a crinkling sound that kitties seem to love).

Then, I sewed close the opening on the bottom. 

Just cut the bottom into strips and you've got an adorable octopus that only took about a half an hour to make.  Ian's gonna love it!

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