Friday, January 6, 2012

Cookin' Up Some Kitchen Art

My apartment doesn't have a dishwasher so that means that I spend a lot of time at my kitchen sink (I loathe dishes).  And since doing dishes makes me sad, I now have a little Kit-Cat Clock to cheer me up: 

But, I also felt like the area was still lacking something...  I have about six extra canvases and decided to paint something on two of them to place on each side of the clock to balance everything out. 

I'm loving the chevron pattern right now and remembered the two canvases I did for the first apartment living room:

And it's all over at Pinterest too:
I wanted to use some different colors though and bring the color black (to go with the clock) and red (to coordinate with my lovely mixer). 

Though, looking back if I had been really thinking I would have tried the orange canvases out to see how they looked before making new ones.  Oh well, I still think they turned out pretty well and if I get sick of them, it's easy to cover them with some paint and do something else.  I love that about canvases.

I'm still not sure if these are done yet.  I guess I'll have to live with them for a while.  But, you know what would be cute? 


I think some spray painted cheap-o silverware from the dollar store would be adorable glued to my crazy canvases.  Though, if only I had some place to spray paint... 

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