Monday, January 23, 2012

Hallway Revamp: Sentimental Art

For the last few weeks I've felt underwhelmed by my hallway art.  It just wasn't doing anything for me anymore.  And that largest frame is still a headache for me because I can't find anything that I truly love for it. 

Yawn.... (I confess that typing that word made me think of someone actually yawning which made me yawn.  Weird, huh??)

So this afternoon I searched my stash of home decor items.  Maybe one day I'll share a picture of my numerous frames, canvases, and tin wall hangings.  

And still... my stash failed me.  Then, I went to my craft supplies and found a cardboard print that my grandma had given me when I had visited Kentucky last year.  I switched out a frame and presto:

Then, I moved my attention to my two black frames.  I was beginning to get sick of the watercolor designs so I pulled out my craft supplies and magazines so I could switch to something that would satisfy my love of change. 

And poo...

My already cracked glass mysteriously broke completely. 

Then I found extra cork and Mammoth Cave prints that I bought on my trip to KY last year in my craft box.  

Wheels began to turn and...

I ultimately settled on this for the hallway (but, there's always the easy option to just change this picture when I get bored):

This photo depicts the vertical shafts which are formed by water entering through sinkholes on its journey to join underground rivers. 

I've also had these two keys lying in my bedside table since I was in Tombstone, AZ back in the beginning of November.  I bought them at the gift shop in the Birdcage Theater because they looked interesting and they were a cheap souvenir. 

After finding some interesting scrapbook paper I adhered them and placed them into the frame.

Luckily the backing is cheap and allowed ample room for the keys to stick in there. 

The end result... 

Still nothing in the big frame! *sigh* I'll come up with something eventually.

Oh, and before I go... before I came up with using the keys I flipped through one of my Psychology magazines (which is surprisingly a good place to find some strange and interesting graphics for framing), I nearly ended up using a photo I clipped out.

It may not have worked for today's project but, I can definitely see it being used in a future project.

I think it's really interesting how my little hallway project is now the home for three sentimental art pieces (and I didn't even set out to make it that way!).  I'd love to have a home with a large hallway where I can do something similar on a larger scale.

I'm not going to mention my hallway switcheroo to Russ... I'm going to see how long it takes him to notice, haha. 

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