Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thrifting Successes!

I usually took along my camera to the thrift store because there were so many goofy looking things that I just had to document. But, my first thrift store experience here in Washington was probably the most success I've ever had at a thrift store. 

We found two awesome treasures at Value Village! I'm definitely going back to see what else I can score.

I saw this globe immediately- it's like I was destined to find it. My brother has always wanted a globe like this and for $24.99, who could pass that up?!

I saw this bench and thought it was awesome. I love the mid-Century feel of it and for $9.99, I couldn't say no. 

It's actually pretty sturdy which surprised me! I plan to dress it up with a couple pillows to really make it adorable and comfy.

Kinda like this (I stole some pillows from around the house to dress it up to see what it'll look like):

Three starburst mirrors- Fred Meyer $14.99

So cute! It's also become a favorite spot for the kitties in the household. :)

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