Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Home Tour- Round 2

So yeah, you've seen a lot of the upstairs... now it's time to check out the downstairs area that Russ and I call our own. 

We've got an outside door that leads to the laundry room. 

This cute little laundry typography sign I found at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $11. Underneath that is my $8 Ikea laundry drying rack that conveniently folds up when I'm not using it. 

I hate the lack of storage in the laundry area (that's a reoccurring theme in this rental...).

There's the bathroom off to the left, the kitty room behind the curtain, and our bedroom to the right.

I found the perfect spot for my easy abstract art. 

I wish that I didn't have to hang up the rug when it's not in use but it's just too plush and the door doesn't close over it. :(

This room is obviously not done but I think I'm liking what I've got so far. I bought that chevron fabric at Hobby Lobby for $9 (and I'm still working on making it work) and it's just hanging with a tension rod. 

The fabric over the toilet is actually a dish towel from Target that came in a set for $6. I'm seeking out the perfect frames to frame the fabric but I couldn't resist just getting it on the wall to see what it was going to look like. 

The baskets I have on the sill there are from Homegoods for $8 each and house my hair accessories and makeup perfectly. 

On the window sill I have plants and pots from Ikea.

A very unexciting vanity.

The back of the toilet was an unused surface that I decided to utilize with a tray I bought at Ross a long time ago for the cat's ceramic food bowls. Since they're hidden in their curtain cubby, I could use the tray somewhere else. 

I used Velcro to attach it to the ceramic lid because it wasn't totally flat. I also know Ian and Zelda like to jump up all over and the Velcro insures that the tray (and the glass q-tip container is Velcro-ed down too) doesn't go flying and smashing. 

I'm usually not a very florally person but I love this fabric. Once it's on a smaller scale and in some silver frames it's going to look pretty.

And... a pedestal sink. Now, don't get me wrong... they're adorable and I can see why they used it for a such a small bathroom. BUT if you have NO other storage, WHY why why wouldn't you get a vanity?! 

Heading out of the bathroom and there's a little tiled section of the game room. I've set up my desk and Mom had an extra table and chairs.

The rug I got from Fred Meyer for $30(!). And, it's actually pretty nice too! (I really really love that store.) 

The curtains are these from Ikea which you can't tell from the picture but they have black, brown, and tan wiggly lines. They are so so perfect for this part of the room. 

We got this wardrobe from Target for $20 (which, if you're looking into wardrobes you'll know what an awesome deal that is). I'm actually really happy with it, too. It houses all of Russ' uniforms since our closet is so tiny.

I used to have this cube shelf in our entry way of our apartment and it housed my books and other cute knick knacks. But, it now serves a more utilitarian purpose. I bought those cloth drawers on a buy one, get one free deal at Fred Meyer. I bought a two pack for $13 and got another two pack free. Crazy, right?

It stores more of Russ' uniform items and PT clothes. I also have my sewing stuff in a drawer. The plastic unit on the right was from our old walk-in closet. I used some of that leftover wrapping paper from my shelf project to tape inside the drawer fronts. Now you can't see the contents and it looks a little more uniform. It doesn't look perfect but it's working for now. 

My printer now resides on my stenciled table and the basket drawers are perfect for board games.

Along the wall from the unused fireplace I've lined up some of the kid's toys. I like leaving them out a couple fleece blankets to curl up on because sometimes it gets quite chilly in the "basement."

All I've really got left to deal with is that pile to the left of the TV. We really just need another shelf or perhaps a Goodwill dresser to store some of those game items we don't have a place for. 

That end table was one of our old night stands from our old bedroom. I'm so glad I listened to Russ when he said not to get rid of them! It was a great idea of his to use them in here as end tables. 

I have our old comforter out on the sofa because it's convenient to curl up with and Ian has been using it a lot for naps lately. 

Happily, I found an inexpensive frame to put Russ' Fallout poster into so it can hang up beside the DVD/Game case. 

While at Ross we couldn't resist buying these two comic book plaques for $10 each. They're really a good find. I've always liked comic book style art so I'm glad we could incorporate it into the game room.

And that concludes our tour! It's a work in progress but it really feels nice and homey down here now!


  1. I like that black and white abstract piece you created. I was thinking about making one of those, too... : ]

  2. It was super simple and I think it makes a big impact, go for it! :)