Monday, January 14, 2013

Frame The Date

If you've been around since October, maybe you'll remember that I thought that grouping some Escher calendar art together in a frame grouping would be completely awesome and inexpensive. Well, the New Year calendar clearance sales convinced me to make my idea a reality.

The hallway was lacking some serious style. Unfortunately, it's pretty dark in there when the light isn't on (plus, the Pacific Northwest cloudy-moodiness of winter isn't helping either).

Happily, this project only cost me $8 after the 50% off sale (I specifically waited until after Christmas for the calendars to be marked down). 

I found some frames that looked good together and replaced them with the pictures that I loved.

Ian decided it would be a fun time to get in the frame... He thinks he's more important than my project.

I would have liked to have put them horizontally but the space didn't permit it. I think it gave the hallway a little bit of character that it was lacking. 

Calendars are a great, cheap way to get some prints... especially during the after-Christmas sales. :)

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