Monday, January 7, 2013

12 of 2012

It's been a crazy year. It's been a year full of travel, weirdness, and changes for my entire family.

So here it is, the simplest way to break down and review the year: the twelve photos of 2012!

1.) January- we visited Richmond, Virginia for the first time. 

2.) February- we celebrated our second Valentine's Day as a married couple in which I surprised him with tickets to a wrestling event in April.

3.) March- I flew to Arizona for a family visit.

4.) April- I took my first cake decorating class!

5.) May- Russ' X-Files themed birthday party.

6.) June- 2nd Anniversary. 

7.) July- Summer Road Trip to DC, Savannah, and Charleston.

8.) August- Enjoying kitten time.

9.) September- Labor Day in DC.

10.) October- Neptune Festival/Sand Sculpting in Virginia Beach.

11.) November- Moving on outta here!

12.) December- The Road Trip from Hell Driving to Washington!

What an eventful year, it almost wears me out just looking back!

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