Monday, January 28, 2013

Tacoma Recap!

So, Friday was the Tacoma Home & Garden Show and I went mainly to meet the authors of my favorite blog, Young House Love, and to get my book signed by them. 

We arrived around 11:30 am because I was sure there was going to be a run on the 300 seats at their presentation. 

Happily, the audience seating was mostly empty save a few early birds like me (though by 1 pm, there wasn't an empty seat at all). 

At 12, the rest of the audience members and I were unexpectedly treated to a presentation about trees. Uh, it wasn't my cup of tea (I would never call myself an avid botanical enthusiast like our speaker) but I tried to remain attentive even though most everyone else chose to give their attention to their smart phones. 

Then 1 pm rolled around and they gave a very nice half-hour presentation about "7 Lessons We Learned While Showing Our Home Some Love." After that there was a short question and answer session and then we all rushed over to form a line for the book signing. 

This is after waiting for over an hour... I guess I should have been more aggressive to get further in line?

The best part of standing in line? Laughing at all the confused faces that walked by and wondered what the huge line was for. It went around by the bathrooms so my brother told someone who asked that it was the line for the bathroom and they nearly fell through the floor. Hil-arious. 

While I was standing in line I kept trying to figure out what to say so I didn't make a fool out of myself or show how socially awkward I naturally am (I do this no matter what I'm doing; if I have to make phone calls, meeting someone, out for dinner with friends... I gotta figure out what I'm going to say or act like ahead of time to limit making a fool out of myself). 

And, I figured I wouldn't try and monopolize their time but just be polite, take a picture, and move on in the line. 

I didn't want to awkwardly gush and embarrass myself. I kinda kicked myself later because I should've at least told them how much I love their book and blog (but I hope they can gather that from my appearance at their book signing?)...

They loved that my book had so many little post-its bookmarking potential projects (which, I was looking around at everyone else's book and actually thought mine all bookmarked made me look dorky. I'm glad they liked my DIY enthusiasm!). 

I still have my "Virginia Is For Lovers" keychain so I used it as a prop in our picture (they're from Richmond). 

Gah! I wish I were more photogenic. Too bad it turned out a little blurry though. 

But yeah, I had a good time and it was fun. They're very nice and genuine people and I can't imagine how exhausting the travel, the presentation, book signing, and meeting people was for them. There were SO many people there but they had time for everyone. 

I also got a little something... There was a section of the arena they had for antiques and I stumbled upon a little card catalog (which I've wanted one FORever) for only $28! I had to snatch it up. It didn't look so, but that thing was heavy. It's solid metal so I guess it makes sense.

I didn't notice until we were walking out with it but it says it's property of the U.S. Army. Pretty cool, huh?

I'm pretty happy with my little Tacoma souvenir! :D

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