Friday, January 11, 2013

Going on Tour

Since it's been a little while since we moved in, it is now beginning to look habitable and lovely. We've cleaned, gotten rid of a TON of cardboard boxes, and started to decorate. It all really started when Mom bought her new terracotta-colored sofa for the living room. 

Curtains- Fred Meyer $14.99 ea (sale buy one get one 1/2 off!)
Curtain rod- Hobby Lobby $16.99

Patterned Chair- Fred Meyer $108
Coffee Table- Ikea $20
Pillows- Fred Meyer $7.99 (after 50% off)

Artwork- Homegoods $49
Other- already owned

Wall Tin- Hobby Lobby $20
Other- already owned

Wall clock- Ikea
Other items- already owned

Curtains- Fred Meyer (same as above)
Curtain rod- Hobby Lobby $14.99

We had to use a basket turned on its side to hide the gaping hole left by two absent over-the-fridge cabinets.

Basket- Hobby Lobby $17.99

Rugs- Homegoods $14.99 each
'Eat' Sign- Hobby Lobby $9.99
And down the hallway... There will be more to come as those spaces progress too!
Pretty much the scene everyday; Gizmo peeking down the hallway and another random cat too.


  1. I'm in love with your new couch! And that accent chair to go with it is just perfection. Can't wait to see things evolve : ]

  2. Thanks! It's getting there! :)