Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out and About Browsing

Ready to go out shopping with me?

Here we go!

I wish my bathroom had enough room for one of these cute little bathroom storage baskets that I found at Homegoods. 

This metal chest caught my eye but at $199 (!!!), I was comfortable leaving it at the store. 

I'm totally in love with this new take on the sunburst mirror trend that is made of gorgeous silvery branches.

This chair I spotted at Ross had such a interesting and pretty pattern. Strangely, Hobby Lobby had the exact same fabric available by the yard! What are the chances?

Heading over to Target and they've got some very springy, bright decor on display. I thought this clock was gorgeous; love it!

I thought these prints could be very easily DIY-able with some watercolor paints and a little time.

Next we're headed over to World Market (where I want pretty much everything that it's hard to decide what to take pictures of!).

I want to marry this coffee table. 

I kinda want this screen to use as a headboard... not sure if I can part with $169 for it though. 

Trunk! I absolutely love trunks... I must have one someday (though, it's probably going to be a thrift store find!). 

And lastly, Michael's. They always seem to have the cutest little figurines and sometimes you can get really good coupons for them.

I almost had to physically restrain myself from bringing home either of these babies. Maybe when they go on sale and I'll get lucky? Maybe. 

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