Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dolla Frames Are Haute

You know what's dumb?  Haute is pronounced "oh-t."  That just seems wrong to me.  I've only read the word and never had the opportunity to pronounce it but now I'm glad I know that for future reference so I don't look like a moron.  I also don't like that word.  It looks fancy but sounds terrible. 


I'm always scoping stores for cheap-o frames that I can redo with minimal work and money.  While perusing Big Lots I found these:

Yay!  Dollar frames to be repainted so they can look... haute.  These frames are cheap.  Like... so cheap that it's not even glass in there but whatever.  That's what I was looking for: lightweight, cheap, and ready to be made over! 

From the colors in my painting yesterday I realized that these babies were born to be a classy shade of gray.  

After one coat of paint, they still weren't living up to their hot potential. 

Ahh!  That's better.  Now once I slap some awesome art in there, they won't even look cheapy anymore.  And, I'm totally loving that gray paint.

My wall by the bathroom was just boring me...

I still love the painting that I meticulously copied from Z Gallerie but I'm ready for something fresh.

Enter: my impromptu painting from yesterday...

Plus a few things from The Stash:

And presto!  A new wall design... 

I'll share more tomorrow once I figure out what to put in my hot new frames!

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